Surface blazing fast, hyper-personalized and safer content to your users using AI

Integrate powerful pre-built Real-Time AI models to boost retention and revenue while reducing offensive and abusive content.


Build Your Own Social Feed Using Farcaster

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1// POST casts/feed/for-you request body:
3  // Farcaster Id, ENS name or any 0x wallet
4  user_id: '3',
5  // rank results based by probability of "all"
6  ai_ranking_model: 'all',
7  // number of items to return in the response
8  top_k: 50,
9  // filter recommendations
10  filters: {
11    // return only posts tagged with specific AI labels
12    ai_labels: ["fitness_health"]
13  }
Below is a personalized feed for Dan Romero using AI model trained to optimize for likelihood of all filtered to show posts containing these AI Labels: fitness

Surface posts you want with more advanced filters like media types (NFT, Frames, etc), authors (power users, followers, etc), and from specific channels & projects. Access more than +30 pre-built AI models.

Real-Time & Blazing Fast
AI Recommendations

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    Integrate AI that predicts user interactions and create personalized feeds of social media posts, articles, NFTs and more to increase engagement, retention, and revenue.
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    Help your users find what they want, in simple english. Build delightful AI chat-based interfaces and search experience to increase user satisfaction.
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    Save time and energy by automating removing LLM-generated, engagement farming, and spammy accounts and content at scale.

Everything you need to elevate engaging and quality conversations

Pre-built AI models on Web3 data

Drive key actions from “likes” to “collects” and surface (or hide) exactly the content you want. Ready to use, easy to integrate, and highly accurate AI in minutes to power your feeds, email marketing, push notifications, and messaging.

Create your own AI models

If you have unique data that you want to use to increase accuracy, or just want to tailor your experience to your community, you can easily train your own custom models with no AI experience needed.

Multi-media and multi-language AI models

A lot can be lost in translation, if it is ever said. Our AI models are tuned one by one with communities to capture nuances in different languages as well as understand image, audio, videos with the user social graph in mind.

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AI for Decentralized Social Media

'mbd offers composable and simple to use AI models in everyone's hands. They are powerful and tailored to elevate the best of what Decentralized Social Media has to offer. This is possible because conversations are happening in a distributed manner for the first time online, like they are supposed to be. Pioneers are building social-native apps together on the same shared human layer. Users interact with mini-apps, read articles, join events, collect NFTs, launch projects, and trade memes, all within their social feeds. We are proud to support Web3 builders that continue to push the boundaries of the new internet.